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Faulder, Mr William Patrick

The Half Time schools at Uriarra and Ledgerton opened on 1 January 1897. William Patrick Faulder was the first teacher and resided with Frederick and Annie Walker at Ledgerton. The two schools operated alternatively on two days one week and three the next. Attendance was not always guaranteed as the children would at times be needed to help with farm chores at home particularly at shearing time. When they were not at school the children were kept busy ringbarking, digging rabbits out and fencing. The two schools met together for picnics and sports days.

Faulder married Frederick and Annie's daughter, Annie Isabel, on 5 January 1898. There only child, Vera, was born later that year. In October 1900 he was transferred to Kangiara Creek and Tangmangaroo. He later taught in the Yass district at Derringullen and Euralie Half time schools (June 1907 - August 1911)

William Faulder was born in Yass in 1869, where he also got married (1898). He died in Goulburn in 1947 at the age of 78.


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