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Nanama (Griffiths Flats) [1887 - 1905]

Previous Name/s: from 1894, Griffiths Flats

Thomas Colls and Henry Dodds lodged a successful application for a school in July 1884. In August 1884 the Inspector recommended that the cost of erecting the school, up to £45, be met. Andrew Anderson's tender was accepted and the building completed in August 1887.

Meanwhile the school was operating in temporary accommodation with Alfred Mills as teacher. Dissatisfied with that accommodation, Mills decided to move the school into a nearby cottage, half of which was occupied by a family of four. For this he was severely reprimanded and instructed to move back into the original building.

The new school occupied a site of two acres, Portion 278 in the Parish of Bedulluck, within a 'school paddock' (P.279). In 1894 the school was renamed 'Griffiths Flat' to avoid confusion with another school called 'Nanima', near Goolagong.

When William Faulder was replaced as teacher by Albert Alchin in 1895 Griffith's Flat was being conducted on a half-time basis with Jeir School. James Heazlett was the last teacher when the school finally closed in 1905.

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