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Schools Education Program

We have adapted our schools program which is now available as an on-campus program and an out-reach program. Schools can choose between:

Program for schools

A. Out-reach program - Heritage in a suitcase. Schools can book our resources for use in their school - cost of $50 per week. Resources are delivered to your school.

1. Equipment to play old school yard games such as knuckle bones, quoits, skipping and hop scotch.
2. Authentic artefacts, flash cards and modern pictorial equivalents to investigate how technology has changed.
3. Photographs from the past with discussion questions for small group work.
4. Australian storybooks about life in the past.
5. Examples of children's literature from the past.
6. A typewriter that students can use.
7. Classroom and/or homework worksheets (USB provided).

B. On-campus program - Then and now - Cost of $3 per student. Find the Program Schedule here. The spaces used by visiting students may be viewed here

The Centre promotes its exhibitions and artifacts to primary school teachers as a 'hands on' learning option linked to the National Curriculum. Our program is ideally suited for Year 2 students, although Year 1 students can be accommodated in Terms 3 and 4 of the school year.

Expressions of interest to :

ON CAMPUS PROGRAMStudents participate in 3 activities on a rotation:

1) Experience what it was like to be a student at a small rural school between the two world wars

2) Active learning experience within a local rural community environment from the past

3) Hands on encounter within a pre-electricity domestic setting, featuring changes in technology - making then and now comparisons

Students will also have time to participate in old- fashioned games like hoop rolling, skipping, jacks, hop scotch, quoits and playground draughts.

  • Students move through each activity in small groups on a rotation basis
  • Maximum number 50 students.
  • Each activity has links to the National Curriculum.
  • Time duration 2-2.5 hours - 10am start

LOCATIONThe Centre operates from the old Hall Primary School campus, located in the village of Hall which is 15km north of Canberra's city centre, just off the Barton Highway.

  • Palmer Street entrance has free parking and space for buses

FACILITIESLarge playground area, with toilets and seating for students. Tea & coffee facilities for teachers. Shaded recess & lunch areas available.

  • Optional self-guided walk around the village to see an unusual mix of dwellings and sites depicting early village life (free map for teachers)

BOOKINGSSend an email to:

  • Please identify your school, year level (Yrs 1 or 2) and class sizes
  • Include a return mail contact
  • Nominate a preferred date

COSTS$3 per student

  • Bank transfer to our account after the excursion

The Centre will be open between 12pm and 4pm every Sunday. Teachers can visit the campus to assess the resources on offer and speak with volunteers about the programs available.