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Rediscovering Ginninderra:

After the land reforms of 1861, Thomas Cavanagh acquired land west of One Tree Hill, Parish of Ginninderra, acquiring around 280 acres - Blocks 142, 143, 144, 154 and 184.

This property was known as 'Fairview' and Thomas farmed this property with help from his son Patrick.

Thomas built a house and stables and cultivated some areas, as well as grazing stock.

Thomas and Patrick Cavanagh had also acquired land east of One Tree Hill, where Patrick and Mary farmed and raised their family from around 1863 to the late 1890s, before the family moved to "Eastview" at Mulligans Flat.

Thomas was listed on Baillier's Official PO Directory 1867 as free selector, One Tree Hill.

Sometime after Thomas's death in 1871, 'Fairview' was sold to Samuel Southwell.

The Southwells owned the neighbouring property "Cow Hollow", but after purchasing the Cavanagh blocks is thought to have taken the name "Fairview" for his whole property. The property was on Spring-range road and adjacent to the Southwell property "East Lynne".

There is a suggestion that the original 'Fairview' house was later moved to 'Wattle Park'.

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