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Hayley, Miss Ruth

WILLIAMSDALE - A very pleasant function took place at Royalla public school on Saturday last, the occasion being a presentation and address to the popular teacher of that school on the eve of her departure to take charge of a public school in the Gundagai district. There was a large gathering of parents, pupils and friends at the school and about three o'clock everything was in order when Mr. J. Keeffe, J.P., was voted to the chair. In an appropriate speech he eulogised the many good qualities of Miss Hayley both as a teacher and a resident amongst them, and expressed the regret of the whole of the community, with which she was a universal favorite, at her removal.

Miss Agnes Blewitt, in a nicely worded address, conveyed to the guest the esteem in which she was held by both parents and pupils, while Master Frank Twyford on their behalf presented her with a silver-backed hair brush and comb. Messrs. E.Morrison, J. Blewitt, E. Twyford, C. Blewitt, and J. Fitzgerald also spoke expressing their regret at losing Miss Hayley as a teacher but congratulating her upon her promotion. Miss Hayley who was greeted with cheers on rising to respond, was visibly affected. She thanked her friends from the bottom of her heart for the many kindnesses that had been extended to her during her residence at Royalla. Above all, she said, she felt the parting with her pupils whom she had learned to love. Afternoon tea was provided by the parents.

[Queanbeyan Age, Tuesday 3 September 1912]


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