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Higgins, Reginald

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Reg Higgins interviewed by Matthew Higgins for the Tharwa oral history project
Higgins, Reg
Higgins, Reg; Tharwa Primary School.; Teachers - Australian Capital Territory - Interviews.
Mr Higgins, a teacher, speaks of his teacher training; his arrival in Tharwa in 1928; accommodation; the school building and grounds; the library; desks; his first radio; the School Paper; being correspondent for the Canberra Times; stationery; the open fire; outdoor lessons; swimming; the height of the windows; organisation of a one teacher school; discipline; garden; playing the church organ; playing the violin and mouthorgan in the classroom; flagraising ceremony; Empire Day; hygiene inspections; school sport; inspectors; bursaries; shooting at Reid's; World War II experiences; bushwalking ; fishing for trout; individuals of Tharwa; Andrew Cunningham and his gypsy moth; Jimmy Jackson and his painting of Reid's homestead; his hut; Clarrie Jefferey opening his shop on Sunday; Tharwa residents' attitude to Canberra; his teaching career after Tharwa; trips to cricket matches; firefighting; wombats; Lambrigg auction; bee keeping; backing Nightmarch in the Melbourne Cup; radios.
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