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Trotter, Alexander (Thomas)

'Royalla Half Time School
14th December 1900

I have the honour to apply for authority to purchase a bucket and basin for the use of the school at Royalla, the cost of which will be -
Tin bucket : 1/3
Enamel basin: 1/3
I have the honour to be Sir,
Your most obedient servant
Alise Trotter'

The request was supported by Chief Inspector D.J.Cooper on 24.12.00

I beg to make application for increased forage allowance.
On account of the drought the price of chaff is so high that it costs at least 10/- a week for horse feed as there is nothing for them only what is given. The attached account is for the last month.
I might state that it has been necessary to hand feed stock since last March and the prospects at present are no better.
I have the honour to be, Sir, Your most obedient servant.
Alexander Trotter

The Departmental Under Secretary recommended the forage allowance be increased at the rate of ₤20 per annum.


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