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Alexander, Mr William


The picnic in connection with the Glenwood Public School on Wednesday last attracted a large crowd from all parts of the district. The parents in this locality are noted for a genial open heartedness common to Australian bush life, and on this account the place is highly popular. Mr. W. Alexander, the teacher, is a general favorite, and worked in a cheerful manner towards promoting the enjoyment aud comfort or visitors. He was ably assisted by the good ladies of Glenwood whom I do not care to particularise, in case I should make accidental omissions. The prizes were numerous and the athletic events were keenly contested. The dinner provided was excellent, and the way some of us laid our ears back and attacked the good tidings was an eye-opener. The dance at Mr. Alex. Rochford's at night ended a pleasant day.

[Friday 2 June 1905. Queanbeyan Leader]

During the midwinter vacation our popular 'Glenwood' teacher Mr W. Alexander, met with rather a serious accident, which although it does not deter him in any way from carrying out his duties, yet causes him great pain. It appears that whilst spending the holidays with some friends in the moun tains he had occasion to go out shooting, and in ascending the mountain side, which was rather precipitous, a large rock which he caught hold of for aid became dislodged, falling with force upon the lower part of the foot bruising it considerably. Latest advices state that the swelling has been greatly reduced, and that he is step by step regaining his normal condition.

[Queanbeyan Age, Saturday 28 July 1900]

Mr. W. A. Alexander, who has been in charge of the Glenwood Public School for the past ten years, has been promoted as an assistant to the Newtown Superior Public School Mr. Alexander's long residence in this neighbothood gained for him the respect of all classes. As a teacher he was deservingly highly thought of by parents, for his whole heart was in his work, which was always his first consideration. His gentlemany unassuming manner made him exceedingly popular and his many friends, while feeling pleased at his promotion, will regret exceedingly his departure from our neighborhood.

[Queanbeyan Leader,10 May 1907, p 2]


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