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Barnes Creek school [1889 - 1902]

"Leopold Fane de Salis wrote on 8th March 1889 to the Minister of Education complaining that the teacher at Naas and Gibraltar (Charles Thompson) had been allowed to leave without a replacement. He also indicated that a school had been built at Barnes Creek in accordance with the Inspector's requirements. James McDonald had already been appointed to the Naas / Gibraltar House-to-House teaching position, and De Salis was informed accordingly. McDonald took charge of the schools in March 1889 but remained only until August. Francis James Crighton, who was appointed to Barnes Creek, Naas and Gibraltar in October 1889, declined appointment and the next appointee, William Hamilton, did not stay.

Henry Knoblanche then took charge of the three House to House Schools and remained until March 1891. Henry Cook replaced him but Naas and Gibraltar Schools closed in May 1891. An application had been submitted by Henry Fane De Salis, John Sheedy and George White seek- ing the establishment of a Provisional School at Barnes Creek. The parents who undertook to send children to the school were: Mary Oldfield, Luke Tiernan, Michael Maloney, John Sheedy, George White and Henry Fane De Salis.

The Inspector recommended that a Provisional School be established when the existing building was enlarged and that a sum of ₤l5 be paid by the Department on comple- tion of the work. The recommendation received approval in December 1890. The additions to the building were done by Richard Harris and John Flanagan and after their com- pletion Barnes Creek became a Provisional School in May 1891 with Henry Cook as teacher. The school was reduced to Half-time status from March 1895 and was worked in conjunction with the re-opened Naas School. Barnes Creek again became a Provisional School in August 1899 with Albert E. Cook [Henry's brother?] as teacher. George H. Carpenter took charge of the school in January 1902 but it continued only until April of that year."

Extract from Lyall Gillespie, 'Early Education and schools in the Canberra region', pp 90-91)

"Report of a cricket match in the park between Barnes Creek School and Queanbeyan Superior School. W Lazarus was one of the best scorers for Queanbeyan. [Queanbeyan Observer 2.5.1899]

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