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Foxlowe [1868 - 1895]

In January 1868 Richard Robinson was recommended as the teacher at the new Half-time schools of Carwoola and Foxlowe. He wrote to the Council of Education stating that he had entered on his duties on 4 February 1868. He wrote again on 30 March 1868 complaining that he had been teaching at the two schools for two months for rations only. He stated that the parents of the children attending the school were not in a position to pay fees and he could not undertake to remain as teacher unless a salary was determined.

The Inspector reported that the parents of the children attending the schools had permanent employment on the stations and were in a position to pay fees. He also said that the teacher was old and feeble and his attainments were low. He recommended that a younger teacher be appointed. Nevertheless, Robinson continued as teacher until December 1871, when the schools closed. The schools were reopened in February 1873 and were worked in conjunction until November 1876 when Carwoola became a provisional school.

On 7 September 1877 William Barnett, Edward Wilson, Edward Holley and Thomas Rutledge submitted an application for the establishment of a Public School at Carwoola. Those who promised to send children to the school were William Holley, John Warwick, James Wales, JW Robinson,William Barnett, Edward Wilson, Margaret Fraser, John Warlocks, William Follet and James Erskine. Inspector JH Murray supported the application and the Council of Education resolved to to establish the school on 14 November 1877. Teacher James Meldrum, although not qualified to teach at a Public School, was allowed to continue as teacher until a suitably qualified teacher could be found.......

When Carwoola school was converted to Provisional status in November 1876 Foxlowe continued on a Hal-time basis with Rossi until July 1878, when it closed. In August 1882 George Osborne lodged an application for the establishment of Part-time schools at Foxlowe and Rossi, but Inspector J Dawson recommended that Foxlow be established as a Provisional school and this gained approval. Dawson reported in June 1884 that the room on George Osborne's property was cold, uncomfortable and in a bad state of repair. He recommended that Osborne be informed that the Department would defray the cost of a building providing the cost did not exceedï¿¡45. This received approval and a new building was erected.

The school reverted to a Part-time basis with Carwoola in March 1888 with Thomas McDonald as teacher.It continued on a Part-time basis until May 1895, Charles Pickering being the last teacher.

[extracted from Gillespie, 1999, Early education and schools in the Canberra region: a history of early education in the region. Campbell, A.C.T.: L. Gillespie, p. 104]

Information about the surrounding district can be found in the Plan of Management for the Yanununbeyan National Park, Nature reserve and Sate Conservation area.

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