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Wallaroo [1884 - 1911]

[NOTE - 'Wallaroo' was the original name for Brooklands school, changed because there was a school of that name in SA. The entry for Brooklands is duplicated here]

In the late 1800's the families in the Wallaroo area needed a school for their children. A Provisional School was established on a site selected on a low ridge on Richard Southwell's land at 'Brooklands', with no legal title or access. A slab hut was erected by the parents and a teacher found. The parents provided the building and furniture and also accommodated the teacher.

The first teacher was Mr J. Thompson and he was succeeded by Mr R. Patten in September 1885.

In 1890 two acres of land known as Portion 138 were resumed for a Public School site. The land for that purpose was donated by Mr Richard Southwell and a new school was built thereon. At this stage the name changed from 'Wallaroo' to 'Brooklands' School and the old school building was then used as a shelter shed.

The school continued until about 1906 when the attendance fell to below the number required to warrant its continuance as a Provisional School. Arrangements were made for a further use of the building as a subsidized school, which continued until 1911, when the school was permanently closed. The two teachers who conducted the subsidised school were Euphemia Gray (1907-1909) and Miss Amy Faulder (1909-1911)

By this time a new school had opened at Hall, which gave the children of Brooklands an opportunity for continuing their education there if they so desired. Cedric R Southwell (son of Richard Southwell) was the only one to do so. After some years the old Brooklands school building was transferred to Wantagong and was used there as a school.

Reference: "Memories of Hall" by Leon R Smith and notes written by Kingsley Southwell, Grandson of Richard Southwell.

Queanbeyan Age, 24 July 1897

"The parents of the children attending the Brooklands provisional school are greatly annoyed with the Education Department for not appointing a teacher to the above school since the vacation. One third of the children are now attending the Glenwood school and unless a teacher speedily arrives it is the intention of the parents to permanently locate them there. This would materially affect the numerical strength and the salary of the teacher of Brooklands school. (We hear that Miss Larkin, from a suburban school has been appointed to Brooklands—Ed.)"

Queanbeyan Age, Wednesday 17 April 1901

"Miss Hill, the very popular lady teacher who for the past four years held the position of teacher of the Gooda Creek Public school, has been appointed to the charge of the Public School at Brooklands near Hall and enters her duties at the latter place today."188488

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