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New Bristol school [1870 - 1899]

Relationships between families at Cape St George lighthouse and at New Bristol established trails, including the Munyunga waraga (Sea Eagles) trail, a five kilometre loop which starts and finishes at Murrays Beach. Children from the bay and the nearby lighthouse attended New Bristol half-time public school from 1870 to 1899.

The first school was established in about 1870 at New Bristol near the beginning of the Munyunga waraga Trail. It was later (1876) relocated to a half-way point along the trail, then closer to the lighthouse in 1885. Initially seventeen boys and ten girls attended the school.

Three days a week the student were taught by Mr Jeston and his wife, who gave needlework lessons two afternoons a week. By 1889 the school had moved to the lighthouse as their children were the only attendants. Mr and Mrs Jeston then left, and the younger children were taught by the older female students. The school closed when the lighthouse ceased to operate in 1899. The head lighthouse keeper and his family moved to the nes Point Perpendicular Lighthouse, on the other side of Jervis Bay.

[Source : B Sant, 2007. Lady Denman Heritage Complex]

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