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Murryong subsidised school [1923 - 1925]

The following notes about Murryong School were contributed by David Watson of 'Milpost', Jul 2014:

"There was also a little schoolhouse at Murryong. The building still stands and was designed by J W Sproule - also the architect for Queanbeyan buildings including the School of Arts and Municipal Council Chambers. It was built c.1923, with a government grant, for my mother (born 1918) and one or two other children from Burbong.

Murryong is in the ACT on the old Kings Highway. The property ran from Burbong to Yalgum and northwards approx.2500 acres. My grandfather Frank Hyles bought it around 1912 and my parents sold it in 1989.

I just looked at my mother's memoirs. She said the Murryong school was a subsidised school, three or four children walked a couple of miles each way to attend. Mum had her first lesson when she was seven (1925/6). She had to write an S cup-hook and was trembling with fright! The school probably only went for a year or two, as Mum was sent to Meriden, Strathfield when she was nine".

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