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Felled Timber/Fell Timber School [1875 - 1879]

The Felled Timber school (the locality was also known as 'Fell Timber' in the 1800s) opened at Felled Timber, close to George Sparrow's Hibernian Hotel, a few metres on the Queanbeyan side of the present roundabout on the King's Highway leading to the Australian Defence Force's Headquarters Joint Operations Command. The school opened on the 'Felled Timber' property as a provisional school in Feb 1875. The name was subsequently changed to Kohan school, and it closed in Nov 1878. A different provisional school opened in Jul 1882, named Kowen school, at Glenburn, six kilometres to the north-west of Felled Timber. This school closed in 1913. Gillespie (1999, pp. 54-5, 148) treats the Felled Timber and Kowen schools as if they were one.

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