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Wargeila Public School [1885 - 1923]

Previous Name/s: Wargela until 1910

Yass District Belgian Fund

In addition to amounts previously published. Pupils Wargeila Public School, per A Fraser, 10s; Sydney Visitor, per Miss H McBean, 10s; F. C, Molntosh ₤3; J. A. Tate £1 per month, £l; Proceeds case of wine, per T. Bernard and L. Turner, £4-11s; L. Audobon, 5s; Miss Richards, Matron, 5s ; Nurse Hogg, 5s; Mrs C. Savage ₤1 ; Mrs W. A. Love, £l; St. Andrews' Dorcas Society, second donation, 5s. ; The first fortnightly instalment of £50 has been remitted to Sydney.
[Yass Courier (NSW : 1857 - 1929), Monday 22 March 1915, p. 2]


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