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Gooda Creek [1889 - 1927]

A school was established at Gooda (or 'Goody') Creek, Parish of Jeir in 1889 at the instigation of William Dunn, Alfred Borman and Hugh Preece. Their application was supported on condition that the residents would build the school, and the cost would be reimbursed up to £60. Later, Jeir Church was built on a further Portion of one acre of the same Water Reserve.

Alice Byrnes took up duty as the first teacher in August 1889. The site is just to the north of Jeir Creek, west of the Barton Highway, and has been confused in the past with Jeir school. Over 36 years the school had eleven teachers.

In 1912 when part-Aboriginal children moved into the area, residents strongly opposed them enrolling at the school. The School Inspector sought advice and was instructed that 'Aboriginal Children must not be admitted to the school'.

Gooda Creek operated entirely as a Provisional School until 1925, when it became a Half-time school in conjunction with Toual, about six miles to the north east, with John Clare as teacher. The school closed in 1927 and was sold to Mr J.M.Hayes for £25.13.0.

Guns for schools?

In 1910, Gooda Creek teacher Osborne Blades asked the Department of Public Instruction to supply the school with a rifle suitable for a miniature rifle range. He felt that pupils would benefit from proper instruction in the use of firearms.

At the same time Henry Fraser, the teacher at Murrumbateman also applied for a Morris Tube or gun suitable for use at a miniature rifle range. He added that the gun would be used in drill practice.

The Department noted that both Blades and Fraser were members of the Murrumbateman Rifle Club, which operated on the Connors property about three miles along the Gundaroo Road. The request was refused.

Forage Allowance claim

H T Schools,
Jeir and Toual
I have the honour to inform you that altho' absent from duty for the September quarter, I was under the expense of keeping a horse and bicycle, on account of having half time schools, and, therefore, I consider I am entitled to the Forage Allowance for that period. Repairs to my bicycle, from the result of an accident, cost me £1.7.6.
Awaiting a reply.
I have the honor to be,
Your obedient servant,
Keith R Hogg

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Gooda Creek School
Gooda Creek School


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