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Mugwill School [1875 - 1929]

Mugwill originated as a Provisional school in the dwelling of Mr Currie on the Yass-Gundaroo Road, with Tryphenia Fursman as teacher. It closed after less than a year, with allegations that William Fursman had started the school to create employment for his daughter.

Ewan Cameron was first teacher at the new stone school opened in 1881. (In 1875 he had been the first teacher at Weetangera). The teacher's residence – two rooms and a kitchen - was completely inadequate for his family of nine. A new school building and improved residence were opened in 1884, on a three acre plot near Back Creek, within the holding of Jacob Lees. Jacob's descendants remain in the neighbourhood. (the unused school was later (1893) transported to Keewong for £35 by Peter Poidevin of Collector [Gillespie:100])

While Cameron was in charge, a visiting Catholic priest, Father O'Dwyer, lashed a Protestant student with a whip, thinking that the boy had insulted him. This required intervention by the Chief Inspector.

The school worked Half time with Upper Gundaroo (1894-1905), and later with Brooks Creek (1925-1929), before finally closing in October 1929.

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