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Malcolm Vale [1892 - 1903]

Malcolm Vale Half Time School opened in April 1892, it's name being derived from John Malcolm McIntosh's property, on which it was located. It operated Half Time with Majura until 1897, then with Googongs until July 1901, and Narrabundah from August 1901 to June 1903. Narrabundah became a Provisional School in June 1903, and Malcolm Vale was closed. The Malcolm Vale school was around three and a half miles south east from the Majura School, close to the edge of the Fairburn pine plantation.

The first teacher, Silas Clifton, married Mary McIntosh, a daughter of John McIntosh, on January 10th 1895, while William Rolfe married Catherine Bernice Mathieson,the youngest daughter of William Mathieson of Gooda Creek, on 26 August 1901.

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