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HAGSOC pays a visit

30 July 2018

HAGSOC abbreviates the full name of the Heraldry and Genealogical Society of Canberra - the home of family history, and more. We were pleased to get a visit on 26 July, and hear Vice President Jenny Higgins give a talk about HAGSOC and its many activities. While a couple of our volunteers are members (they have 800), many of us know very little about them.

They came to our attention as a result of Katrina Marshall, our ANU Intern, paying HAGSOC a visit whilst exploring design requirements for our own Family History Centre. They were impressed enough with what Katrina has done to nominate the Family History Unit for an 'Encouragement Award' at this year's state conference at Bateman's Bay.

Our photo shows an attentive group of volunteers listening to Jenny Higgins

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