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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Ginninderra Nursery

Edmund Ward - formerly gardener at the Palmerville estate - acquired land up the Yass Road past the Ginninderra Police Station in 1877. There, with his wife Millicent, he established a nursery business. An advertisement in the Queanbeyan Age announces that E.M.Ward is prepared to supply 'all kinds of fruit and ornamental trees', and that orders can be collected, if desired, at the Queanbeyan Age offices. 'All sorts' of fruit trees were offered at 18/- per dozen, while 'Forest trees, Ornamental shrubs and Pines' sold for ₤5 for 100. Vegetable and Flower seeds were available 'at Sydney prices'. Ward was highly regarded as the Palmerville gardener, and it may be conjectured that many a garden in the Ginninderra district included trees and shrubs acquired at Ward's nursery.

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