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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Mulligans Flat School

An initial application for a Provisional school was made in 1894, and a two acre site on the Gundaroo Road, Goorooyarroo Parish, was selected. The first school (1896) was a wooden slab building with a bark roof, built by local volunteers, and the first teacher was James Gibson. Teachers usually boarded with the Cavanagh family. At least three lady teachers married local men.

A new, more substantial school was built in 1913 – a weatherboard structure 15 feet x 101/2 feet x 7 feet, with corrugated iron roof, in the same design as Hall school. Cornelius O'Rourke was the contractor, and the total cost was £154.12.6. The 'old slab hut' lived on as a lunch shelter. In 1919 J.Hollingsworth of Hall was contracted to construct a rabbit proof fence around the school yard, for £29. On Arbor Day in 1920 a double row of young pine trees, fetched by trap From the new Yarralumla Nursery by teacher Ethel Harris, was planted by the students. After a period of closure the school was repaired and reopened in 1922 as a Part Time school with Tallagandra, finally closing in 1931.

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