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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Kilby family members at 'The Falls'

Kilby family members at 'The Falls'
Baby Keith, Beatrice Kilby, Jane Kilby, James Kilby, Robery Kilby, Edith Kilby, children Roy and Harry Vest.

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  • Ginninderra Falls
    To be added
  • The Falls
    James Kilby was one of the five children born (1870) to Robert and Jane Kilby (nee Webster)...

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  • Beatrice Kilby
    Beatrice Southwell was the youngest daughter of Thomas Southwell and his second wife Mary,...
  • James Kinloch Kilby
    James was one of the four children born (1870) to Robert Kilby and Jane Kilby (nee Webster)...

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