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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Eva Annie Southwell

Born: 1869; Died: 1950; Married: William Henry Jones

"News came to hand during the week of the death of Mrs W H Jones of Banksia who was one of the old identities of this district, being the eldest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs John Southwell of Ottocliff Hall at which place she spent the greater part of her life.

In the early days she conducted a small business and post office at Hall for her father. She married William Henry Jones and settled in the Village of Hall and for many years where they carried on a business of their own. Later they retired from this and made their home at Illabo.

After the death of her husband she moved to Sydney to be nearer to her two sons, Leo and Rockleigh. Almost to the time of her death Mrs Jones kept up occasional correspondence with some of her relatives and friends at Hall and made several visits back to the place of her childhood. A strong religious conviction and having musical talents of a fairly high standard she used the advantage of others in many ways. Mrs Jones passed away in Banksia Private Hospital on 21st February at the age of 80 years. There are three grandchildren and one great grandchild. One sister and one brother - Miss Amelia and Mr Edward Southwell both of Junee - survive her. [Queanbeyan Age 7.3.1950]

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