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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Richard Maloney

Born: 1864; Died: 1946; Married: Margaret Read

Richard Maloney was born in September 1864 in Ainslie, the third child of Robert and Mary Maloney of 'Stone Hut farm', Yass Road, where he grew up and farmed with his parents.

Richard acquired land adjacent to his parents at Ainslie, known as 'Hillside', and worked it with his father, brothers and later, sons. The farms were north of the Old Canberra Inn, towards Kaleen. When Robert died in 1889, Richard and his brothers continued working the family farms.

Richard married Margaret ('Maggie') Read (1864-1949) in 1892. Margaret's parents were Hugh Read and Eliza Shumack. Richard's sister, Ellen Maloney, married John Read (1868-1917) who purchased the old Canberra Inn next door from Joseph Shumack, and re-named it 'The Pines'.

Richard and Margaret Maloney had nine children between 1892 and 1910:

Gillespie records that "tragedy struck the Maloney family in July 1905 when Robert John was accidentally shot by his brother William while shooting rabbits. William at the time was only eight years old. The two boys had gone to the camp of Sidney and Bernard Casey, nephew of Mary Reid, who were trappings rabbits in the area. There they found a pea rifle and decided to go shooting".

Gillespie recorded that "Richard Maloney was a successful wheat farmer on a small scale. The Queanbeyan Age in March 1917 mentioned that he had again been successful in getting 10 bags to the acre of Yandilla King.

Richard was active in local affairs, being a Vice-president of the Ginninderra Farmers Union and a member of the Canberra branch of the Farmers and Settlers Association.

Richard was also patron of the original Ainslie Cricket Club, where his sons were prominent players. The Maloney boys were well known for their sporting activities, including Cricket, Tennis and Rugby".[Gillespie, 1979]

However, everything changed when this land was resumed by the new Federal government. Land acquired from R. Maloney on 18/03/1915 included 581 ½ acres for £3,123 15 8.
Richard continued to farm on short term leases, but his brother Robert Jnr moved to Sydney around 1930.

R. Maloney of Yass Road, Ainslie was listed as the rate-payer for Ainslie blocks 46 and 46A of 1,371 acres for 1927 to 1929, and also blocks 47 of 580 acres and 49 of 49 acres in 1927.

Richard lost blocks 47 and 49 by 1928, presumably as they were resumed for the Belconnen Naval radio station to be built, and other development. Family stories have it that when told that the navy was to take land in their area, Richard exclaimed: "but there are no bl**dy ships in Canberra".

The lease was renewed to Richard in 1933 for 25 years, but 57 acres were resumed between 1936 and 1940 for variations to the stock route and a small block was sub-leased for a Radio Transmitter and cottage for radio station 2CA.

Richard died from a cerebral haemorrhage in December 1946 in Canberra, aged 82, and is buried in the catholic section of the Woden cemetery.
Margaret died in July 1949, aged 85, and is buried at St John's cemetery, Reid with her parents.

The lease on 'Hillside' was taken over by Lyle Maloney, until resumed for Yowani golf course and North Lyneham.

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