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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Mary McKeahnie

Born: 1838; Died: 1914; Married: Archibald McKeahnie

Mary was the daughter of Donald and Betty McMillan (nee McGill). She married Archibald McKeanhie in 1864 and became the mother of four children, all born at Orroral, NSW. The children were: Charles (1866); Elizabeth (1867) (Mrs Jospeh Winter); Mary (1873) (Mrs Charles Pedan); Jane (1877) (Mrs Jane Walker Bell).

Later the family moved to 'Wells Station' where Mary died on 23 December 1913, aged 75 years. Her funeral service was conducted by the Rev F G Ward, rector of St John's, and her grave is marked by a white marble headstone surmounted by an obelisk.


'It is with sincere regret that we have to record the death of still another old and esteemed resident of our district in the person of Mrs McKeahnie wife of Mr Archibald McKeahnie of Well Station, which sad event occurred at her late residence at that place on Tuesday afternoon last. The late Mrs McKeahnie who had enjoyed robust health was seized with a serious attack of illness some fortnight previously and despite the frequent attendance of her medical advisor with the assistance of a trained nurse from Sydney gradually became worse and died.

The deceased lady whose age span considerably exceeded the allotted was of a retiring disposition with a devoted attachment to home life...besides her aged husband the deceased leaves a family of two married daughters one being Mrs W Bell of Hay and the other Mrs C Peden. The remains were interred in the C of E Cemetery at Canberra on the afternoon following her death'. [Queanbeyan Age 2.1.1914]

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