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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Samuel Davis

Married: Ruth Davis

Samuel Davis was the proprietor of the Cricketers Arms Hotel, 1876-1879. He took over the licence from James Grace, and was succeeded by Jospeh Bolton. He was formerly a grazier. After leaving Ginninderra he leased a hotel in Queanbeyan, after placing an advertisement in the Queanbeyan Age in October 1879 informing friends and the public that he had made arrangements with Mr George Rolfe to lease the Rose Shamrock and Thistle Hotel, and would commence business on the 20th October.

He and his wife Ruth (1850 - 1920) had several children including Sydney (1872), Samuel Hercules (1874), Andrew (1876), William Ernest (1877), Eva Angeline (1879) and Helen Margaret (1881). Helen Margaret married James Boyd of Jeir in 1899. In the birth notice for Sydney (1872), Davis is described as a 'squatter from Gounion Creek'; in 1874 as a 'grazier from Spring Flat'.


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