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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
John Jones

Born: c. 1806

Twenty-one year-old John Jones had not been in Ginninderra very long when the 1828 census was taken. He had only just arrived in the district as a convict assigned to George Palmer, where he worked tending his flocks.

Jones had been convicted of theft in Surrey in December 1827 and arrived in Australia seven months later aboard the Phoenix. Before working for Palmer at Ginninderra, he had been assigned to James McFarlane, the brother of Palmer's overseer, Duncan McFarlane. For some reason Jones was redeployed to Palmerville by census time.

John Jones did not remain long in Ginninderra. The next we hear of him is in the 1837 muster in which he was an employee of James Cox back in Sydney.


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