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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
William Moore (Junior)

Born: 1874; Died: 1967; Married: Annie McInnes

William Moore (junior) was the son of William Moore (senior) and Catherine (nee McKenzie). He grew up at the old cottage at Palmerville.

In 1896 Moore married Annie McInnes. They had five children together (Cecil, Lavinia Catherine, Louise, William, and John).

In Shumack's Autobiography Moore is recorded as helping him in the construction of large haystacks at Shumack's Springvale property in 1898. He wrote, "William Moore with a wagon and Clark and Richardson with a dray and three horses brought in nine loads [of hay] a day."

In 1915 William took over the lease of The Valley in the Tea Gardens district. It is Moore who is credited with renaming the property as The Valley. When the Gribble family owned it, it was simply known as 'Gribbles at Tea Gardens'. In 1924, the Moores spent £260 to improve the property, including adding a new dining room, verandah, hall and chimney. They lived at The Valley into the 1940s.

Moore actively contributed to civic life; e.g. helping to raise funds for the Red Cross in the Great War and serving on the committee of the Ginninderra Farmers' Union.

He died in 1967, aged 92. Annie had died before him in 1942.

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